Aging Vibrantly, to me, means…

  • Waking up feeling rested and excited to start my day
  • Having lots of energy to navigate through life
  • Participating in an exercise program which I enjoy
  • Being medicine free
  • Feeling healthy, joyful and young at heart
  • Fitting into clothes which make me feel confident and sexy
  • Eating nutritious, yummy foods which nourish my body and keep me young
  • Feeling joyous about living this next phase of my life!

This is what aging vibrantly feels like on most days!

How does it feel to you?

I didn’t start out aging this way. When I hit my mid-thirties I got hit by massive, frequent migraines. I also noticed I was having night sweats and mood swings that found me crying at every turn one month and screaming and belittling people the next. My question – What is happening?

I talked with my Dr about it, asked her “could I be in early menopause?” She literally laughed at me, but could find nothing wrong?!? I had my eyes checked, went to the dentist but no one could tell me why I was suddenly having these crippling migraines.

The menopause question kept haunting me so I decided to do a little research on my own.  Turns out I wasn’t really that far off base. It is called, perimenopause, defined as “around menopause.” Also known as the menopause transitional phase, and it’s not unusual to start experiencing these symptoms as early as your thirties.

“The work that hormones do is subtle-yet when they fall out of balance, the effects on your health may be anything but.”

~Dr. Mehmet Oz

Now I wanted to know how you go about balancing your hormones. I did a lot more reading, turns out you can do just this naturally by eating nutritiously, managing stress and taking care of our physical, mental and emotional health.

I wish I could tell you that I quickly changed my diet and changed my health. Although I knew if I ate better I would feel better I continued on for years eating well for a bit and then converting back to my old ways. Each time I developed worse symptoms.

Now I wasn’t just dealing with migraines, but weight gain, lethargy, unbelievable arthritis in my arms and hands and other weird aches in my feet. I started to see signs of lupus (lupus and arthritis are autoimmune diseases) on my face.

My body was screaming at me to get off the roller coaster or it would knock me down for good.  I am not saying it’s always easy, but I enjoy life so much more with good health and energy.

Looking for some guidance I found and decided to enroll in Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  Here I studied with some of the world’s most renowned nutrition and natural health doctors and teachers.

It’s not always easy to make these changes we need for self-discovery, healing, and personal transformation.  I would love to work with you to assist you to move forward with great health and an ability to age vibrantly.